Site-Specific Recordkeeping™      
The only worldwide database with private password and secure login where
every PasoFino has its own secure and protected homepage
Pictures and video Feed rations and their sources
Birth and growth records Shows and ribbon records
Three generations of pedigrees Location records
Medical records 1000-word notes section to track good
All types of PasoFino scoring   and bad habits and data
All farriers and shoeing records Search for PasoFinos
ScoringPasoFino.com gives:
Associations Stable owners
Organizations Trainers
Breeders PasoFino Show Managers
Owners Potential Buyers
Instantaneous access to personal records anytime, anywhere
Non-transferable ID cards for registration and pedigree claims printed from the web page
With our effective, uniform, web-based global traceback system,
we are committed to help maintain the health of all PasoFino and Animals,
for the love and care of a special breed
ScoringSystem Policy is not to sell, rent, or give out personal / private information.
All data stored in databases are encrypted with a rotating 128 bit key.